Heap Named Snowflake Data Marketplace Partner of the Year

Heap, the digital insights platform used by more than 7,600 companies worldwide, today announced that it has been named Snowflake’s FY2021 Data Marketplace Partner of the Year. Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company recognizes Heap for its integration within Snowflake’s ecosystem with Heap Connect, which helps users enrich the 360-degree view of the customer by automatically capturing and syncing a complete set of digital engagement data.

Created in early 2019, the Snowflake partnership is a continuation of Heap’s promise to give fast-moving digital teams the power to uncover and act on their most important insights. Offering a Data Science layer specifically built to leverage Heap’s complete, automatically-captured behavioral dataset, Heap gives businesses unprecedented speed and agility to build compelling digital experiences for their users. Both Heap and Snowflake enable teams to generate powerful data insights with minimal maintenance; when combined, they empower companies to leverage a complete behavioral dataset to make smart, proactive business decisions, rather than spending time worrying about infrastructure.

“We’re honored that Snowflake has named us Data Marketplace Partner of the year, because of our strong shared vision of a data-backed approach to improving the customer experience,” says Ken Fine, CEO of Heap. “More than two years into our integration, we’ve seen the effect that our partnership has had for businesses, and we look forward to continuing to combine our unparalleled behavioral data with Snowflake’s Data Cloud to power customer-centric, data-driven companies.”

“As comrades in the data-driven revolution, we’re excited to announce that Heap is our Data Marketplace Partner of the Year,” says Colleen Kapase, SVP of Worldwide Partners and Alliances at Snowflake. “Heap deeply understands digital product analytics, and its approach to proactively bettering digital experiences is a testament to their commitment to delivering a quality service to customers.”

Today’s businesses have multiple touchpoints with their customers, making it challenging to gather and organize the data necessary to gain a holistic view of the digital experience. Heap’s industry-leading, proactive approach to surfacing insights from customer behavioral data lets teams assemble key information in minutes rather than weeks, and its low-code platform and intuitive visualization tools empower individuals and teams to answer all their questions immediately. When incorporated into the Snowflake Data Cloud, businesses get an unmatched, complete view of their customer, and have everything they need to operationalize the customer experience. Companies such as E*Trade, Huel and Clover use Heap Connect and Snowflake to better understand their users, pivot rapidly to anticipate trends in the market, and align around the most important opportunities in the customer journey.

“With Heap and Snowflake, Clover is able to capture the entire customer journey and enable our business teams to maximize revenue by optimizing behavior and conducting multivariate testing,” said Reza Ordoubadi, Director of Business Analytics, Growth & Revenue at Clover.