The Best of 2022 for Product Analytics

Heap's Best Content, Wrapped Up For You

What a year full of digital disruption and transformation for product analytics. As we reflect back on this year and prepare for 2023, we’d like to share the content that our community found the most value from. We hope it leaves you inspired and renewed with purpose for 2023!

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For Product Teams

  • Digital Experience Insights Report Pt. II

    What funnels conceal, that you probably aren’t aware of…

  • How to Create Behavioral Personas

    Identify the key personas for your business, based on who uses your product and how they use it

  • Product Salon: Finding the Why Behind Broken Customer Journeys

    Featuring guest Brandon Purcell, Forrester. Find speed to insights, without sacrificing depth to insight

For Marketing Teams

  • Introducing Journeys: A visual map, showing you everything

    A new capability that gives you unprecedented power to explore and understand your users’ journeys. While also keeping customer data secure.

  • How to Increase Revenue by Measuring Customer Behavior

    Advances in analytics have changed the game. Here’s how to keep up.

  • OppLoans increases conversion by 5% with Heap

    Increased conversions by 5% and got a 7-figure lift in revenue

For Analytics & Engineering Teams

  • How to Bridge the Gap Between Quantitative & Qualitative Insights

    Without complete visibility into the user journey, digital leaders are left making assumptions about the real why behind the what of user behavior.

  • DISH reboots streaming with innovative B2B offering, using Heap to direct production

    Just weeks to start unlocking valuable insights after purchasing Heap

  • Winning with Data: How Top Digital Experience Teams Use Data for Better Business Outcomes

    Data mature teams see significant increases in revenues and profits, efficiency, NPS, and lifetime customer value.

For Leaders

  • Product Salon: Empower People & Transform Your Business w/ Marty Cagan

    Discover the keys to a successful team and organizational transformation and why it is vital to invest in strong leaders, bright product managers and to empower engineers

  • How Data Maturity Drives Business Success

    New independent research reveals that data mature teams see better business outcomes.

  • Northwestern Mutual becomes data-driven with Heap

    Increased adoption from 3% to 99%, reduced search errors by 40%, and improved engagement by 20%

For Tech Stack Experts

  • Heap Recognized as a Leader in Snowflake’s Modern Marketing Data Stack

    “We’re honored that Snowflake has identified Heap as an analytics category leader"

  • AWS Start Up Showcase - From What to Why: The Future of Digital Insights

    VP of Product Rachel Obstler shares how Heap is bringing a new layer of depth to digital insights with our ability to bridge the gap between quant + qual analytics

  • Heap Launches Integration with Braze

    Teams can easily sync User Data created in Heap and activate it within Braze. Create more effective campaigns with enhanced personalization opportunities in the Braze journey building tool.