Upgrade from GA to Heap

Google is getting rid of Universal Analytics. It's time to upgrade your data strategy!

GA4 leaves significant gaps in your understanding of what happens on your product or site. Only Heap provides you with a complete set of data and the tools to understand what your users do at every point, from the moment they land on your site to the moment they convert. (And beyond!)

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Modernize your data strategy with Heap

  • Performance marketers can get more than just return on ad spend: While GA4 gives you ad ROI and high level traffic metrics, Heap can show you why traffic is converting and what behaviors drive those conversions.  

  • Heap is all about self service: Heap with autocapture gives teams a best-in-class analytics platform that requires minimal engineering investment, and gives you more ways to segment your data than GA4 will ever have.

  • Product and Marketing teams will always have the data they need: What’s key to a successful product and marketing strategy? Knowing your customers' behaviors and being able to answer any question about them. GA4 just doesn’t make that possible.

  • Never have another gap in your data: Retroactively track everything on your website, even if you didn't have tracking in place when the interaction occurred.

  • Don't be locked in to GA4: Heap's ability to capture any event, when combined with data retroactivity and integrations, allows you to share your data across the modern data stack, something GA4 doesn't allow.

Heap makes it easy. We know migrations can be tricky. That's why we offer tailored migration packages to make sure your team is set up for success.

Google Analytics won’t cut it for Healthcare. Get more impactful insights while keeping your data compliant & secure by upgrading to Heap.

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