Purple sees daily financing increase of 4%

About Purple:

To help meet the unique healthcare challenges of COVID-19 across the country, mattress company Purple looked for new ways to help people gain access to their products. In addition to using Heap for product insights, Purple is also combining behavioral data with Shopify to understand the relationship between consumer behavior and purchase bundles. We spoke to Kalel Cascardi, a Data Analyst at Purple, to learn more about how the team has found success.

Purple, Kalel Cascardi

Kalel Cascardi, Data Analyst

"With the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve been looking for ways we can help our customers get easier access to our products. Since we already had a financing project in the testing phase, we decided now was the right time to launch it — even though we didn't have enough data to see what kind of customers would benefit most from this offer.”

“We used Heap to create a snapshot in one of our events to track purchase selections, financing or otherwise. With that property, we then created a segment of people that were using financing. We discovered whether they were coming to our site from their phone or desktop, which products they bought most frequently with financing, what their journey looks like across the website, and where they clicked for more product information.”

“Those insights helped us to decide where to place our ads so the right people would see them — people we think will engage the most and benefit from one of our new programs.”

Heap not only gives us numbers of clicks and views, but it turns the whole customer journey into a story that we can analyze and use to make decisions for our business.

- Kalel Cascardi, Data Analyst

“Everyone at Purple has been taking action to help our company get through these hard times. With a lot of hard work, we have seen growth in our online business and we are proud that we’ve been able to meet the needs of our customers during this difficult time.”

Top metric they’re watching during COVID-19:

“We’re watching conversion rates for specific pages and where people are adding our products. The first one — conversion rates — tells me which pages are the most compelling for people. Now that people can't go to our stores to see the product by themselves, how are they comparing us to other brands? Is it our review page? Is it the special products? The videos?”“For the second — where people are adding our products — we have many average order value (AOV) drivers and bundles, so we want to know specifics. Are people buying a pillow by itself or are they adding a pillow with a mattress?”

Heap functionality:

“The most useful capabilities for me right now are the segments and paths. For example, you can group people by a specific property and see how their paths differ from one another. I have been particularly interested in mobile vs. desktop and time of the day. How is customer behavior changing now that people are home?”

How they’re using Heap + Shopify:

“As a mattress company that also sells ancillary products like pillows, bedding, and bed frames, we really care about understanding the types of customers and behavioral patterns on the site that tend to lead to bundle purchases.”“We use Shopify data mostly with Line SKU ID. We have a lot of bundles and with the Shopify properties, we can create Purchase Bundle events in Heap.”To learn more about how Purple is giving comfort to those in need, visit their website here: https://purple.com/


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