Tubular Labs heads off churn by embedding Heap usage data in Salesforce

Delivering usage data to ensure customer success

It took three tries before Tubular Labs found the right tools to empower its customer satisfaction team with the information it needed to maintain and expand its relationships with clients. Tubular offers sophisticated analytics to publishers and agencies about digital video usage along with a suite of powerful add-ons to further enhance insights.

Initially, Tubular tried to use Gainsight to get information on user behavior from its Mixpanel web analytics into its Salesforce CRM. When that didn’t work, Tubular wrote its own code to move data from Mixpanel to Salesforce. This, too, proved unreliable. After switching to Heap for product analytics, they took advantage of Heap’s built-in connector to Salesforce. -- this third approach was the charm.

Trust saves time

“Mixpanel worked some of the time, but not most of the time,” says David Park, Tubular’s Head of Customer Support and Training. “It took a lot of effort for the customer success and account management teams to make sure the data was correct. Thanks to the Heap integration with Salesforce, everyone trusts that what they see in Salesforce is the correct information.”


David Park, Head of Customer Support and Training

A quick account health check

“Account managers don’t want to dive into analytics; they want a high-level story they can check in the CRM before they get on a call with a client,” says Michael McNeeley, Tubular’s Enterprise Applications Manager.


Michael McNeeley, Enterprise Applications Manager

“We’ve developed an account health score that builds on the usage data from Heap. If they see a drop, they can check into it. Is there somebody new? Do I need to do a training? They can address whatever it is.”

Red alerts for churn risk

“We have a lot of different solutions clients can buy, and we are always looking to see if there is a risk of churn for any of them,” David says. “Heap shows us which accounts are red for each product. With MixPanel, we couldn’t get that specific.”

Demonstrating value to clients

“When we have quarterly and annual business reviews with clients, we can take the data from Heap and show them how they are using our products and how it is driving value for them,” Michael says.

“We can even show them how they can generate more revenue next year based on what other companies are doing with the platform.”

From data to insights to action

“The Heap data in Salesforce gives our customer success organization important insights every day about what our users are doing and how they are adopting the platform,” David says. “That has empowered them to drive value, increase renewal rates, and prevent churn.”


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