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If you're looking for an analytics solution that shows you everything users do across mobile, web, and every other platform, then gives you deep insights on how to improve conversion, engagement, and retention, you've come to the right place.

Your users deserve a great digital experience. We're here to help you give it to them.

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A faster route to better insights

Don’t get lost in your data — quickly find actionable insights

Know exactly where to start your analysis. Heap’s data science layer automatically sifts through your entire dataset and highlights high-impact moments. Discover missed steps, alternate paths to conversion, and areas of friction with ease. 

Spend less time wrangling data and more time driving results.

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Cross-Platform Insights

With Heap, you can see the complete customer journey, across all platforms, including mobile, desktop, IOT, and more.

See what activities users take on mobile, and which on desktop. See how they move back and forth. Use journeys to map out complicated user paths.

Don't settle for replicating your desktop experience on mobile. Give users the mobile experience they want.

What are mobile analytics? Read our complete guide.


The Future of Experience Analytics is Evolving

Heap and Contentsquare are now on a single platform.

By bringing together Product Analytics (PA), Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) and Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), Contentsquare gives teams a 360-degree view of their digital experience, in a single connected platform.

Identify friction with DXA and DEM. Analyze complex user journeys with PA. Understand what users are experiencing in the moment, and analyze the downstream effects on conversion, activation, and retention.

Finally, product, marketing, e-commerce, data, and design teams can all make decisions around the same customer data.

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