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Heap is the leading digital insights platform that provides the most complete dataset on the market, enabling teams to understand and optimize the cross-platform customer experience.

Get ready to build the digital experience your users deserve.

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Here's how it works

Mobile/Website customer experience

Get complete, comprehensive data to see the entire customer journey

Say goodbye to tracking gaps, overlooked insights, and incomplete journeys.

Heap provides the easiest way to capture the entire digital experience of every single user on any platform. Get every click, swipe, and form fill captured automatically with just a single snippet of code.

See how Heap captures all of your data
Illustration of Heap Illuminate providing a step suggestion during a site's conversion flow.

Trade blindspots for opportunities

Quickly identify where to focus your efforts to drive impact so you ensure every decision drives outcomes.

Heap’s data science layer automatically scans your entire dataset and shows you missed steps, alternate paths to conversion, and areas with significant friction.

Bonus: React in real-time to not only what your users do, but why they’re doing it.

Learn about Heap Illuminate
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Understand why users do what they do

No more spending hours watching what users are doing, guessing why or how to fix it.

With one click, see precisely what happens when users drop off or convert, see exactly what they see during that moment, so you know how to improve their experience.

Learn about Heap's Session Replay

Loved by 8,000+ top-performing teams.

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Getting started is easy

Start today and elevate your analytics from reactive reporting to proactive insights. What are you waiting for?